Good Evening,

           As the rain subsides this evening and we have almost finished our VERY modest and inexpensive Christmas decorating (homemade snowflakes and ornaments left to do), I sit on my porch drinking a little Dominican eggnog (add a little cinnamon and it is really good) looking forward to a very exciting weekend.

In the morning Bro. Shirley and myself are leaving fro the islands of St. Martin and Anguilla for a 5 day trip with a stay over in Puerto Rico with missionaries Gary and Kristi Landaw on Monday. Bro. SHirley is over the works on these islands as well as the Dominican and I was asked to travel with him on his visits there. I am being honored with the opportunity to minister the Word of the Lord in both countries on Friday and Sunday and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for these services.

St. Martin is a country in the Northest Caribbean and home to 74,000 inhabitants. The island is only 34 sq miles in area and is owned by two countries. The French own the north and the Dutch on the south, although there is an open imaginary border between the two. I am looking forwrd to viewing the diversity of the two cultures on one small island. It is a tropical paradise that is positioned where the trade winds always blow, the temp is between 82-87 year round and over 1 million visitors arrive every year!The UPCI has 3 churches on the island, two on the Dutch side and one on the French side, but with 74K there is always room for more!

Anguilla is just a ferries ride away and home to about 16,000 people. Settled by the English it is about 40% Anglican and 35% Methodist Catholic 3% the remainder is a protostant mix.

Tourism is the key commodity for these islands, and the native population is primarialy decendants of the slaves brought over by the European countries that settled here in the 17th century. But today there is a harvest, not for sugarcane or profits,but for souls and the churches there are uniquely positioned to made a difference in the lives of so many.

So we covet your prayers as we travel, teach and preach the word of the Lord. We are in the last days and ALL the people need to hear and know the truth of who Jesus really is, what He has done and what He has for those who will surrender their lives to him. 

Look for pictures and testimonies of the weekend early next week when we return! More to follow...